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Discovering Prague From Above

You have already walked your ten thousand steps around Prague today and discovered all the beauty which is hiding behind many corners in the maze of the Old Town streets. Now it´s time to see this beauty from a slightly different perspective… from above … like...

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Discovering Prague Cafés

Let´s start dreaming together and imagine you are in Prague… you just spent a wonderful morning walking around the city, discovering Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, the Astronomical clock or the former Jewish Ghetto… now it´s time to relax, sit down, soak in every moment and all...

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Discovering My Prague Heroes

In different stages of our lives we are influenced by many people, who shape us and create our moral values, our attitude to life and our strength in general as a human. Starting with our beloved parents, siblings, school mates, teachers, politicians and many others… I...

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Discovering Prague Plague Columns

We are certainly living in difficult and challenging times. Who could imagine when we were welcoming this new year 2020 what direction our lives would turn… the world is involved in this corona challenge, but we have to go through all this also individually and...

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